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(Photos above are before I pressed my hair, used to basically cornrow it)
So basically I wouldn’t say I naturally had long hair , I’ve always been either a bit above, or slight bit below shoulder length hair. The reason for this was due my mother always putting my hair in braids, however my hair always stayed at the same length as my mother held these fundamental beliefs which passed onto me which were:
.Washing is bad for your hair
.Water is bad for your hair.
.You must grease your scalp
.There are black and white products for hair
.Any conditioner is good for your hair.
.To comb your hair when wet whilst washing
.Comb hair (not matter what the tooth comb size) was good.
I was so blind, I recall some days me experimenting with vaseline on my scalp. *hands on head*
I remember when my mother used to do my hair and she’d run her hands through it and go 'Your hair is cutting' I’d just look at my hair and think ‘well I aint cutting my hair so nothing I can do about it’.
When I got older I used to get my hair cornrowed at the hair dresser ,with all the designs when I remember one time I woman on the seat next to me who’s hair magically turnt from afro hair to straight hair and it was beautiful. Obviously it was pressing, but I didn’t know it at that time.
So a few years later I decided to go to the hairdressers  to get my hair pressed, it was so bouncy and long. So afterwards I got my hair pressed again, and again and then I brought my own flat iron (which I still have, but hasn’t been used since January2011) which didn’t tame my hair for as long as I wanted it to,so I ended up doing it every day, or every two days. Then I’d use my mums blow drier and then flat iron it. I always wore my hair out like the picture underneath. (hair looks so thin and lifeless)

I was using petrolum and mineral based products ALWAYS on my hair, instead of looking after my ends I looked after my scalp , I’d comb my hair with small tooth combs and tonnes of my hair would come out, however looking back I know my hair started to look thin and slightly damaged but I think it was in pretty good condition for the way I used to treat it.

2010 December as a christmas present to myself I decided to dye my hair (only highlights) so I went to the salon and got my hair bleached then added colour.
My hairdresser said how my hair was damaged, though I thought she was rich to talk because her hair looked probably as damaged as mine.She urged me to get a Philip Kingsley Elactizer treatment which cost the moon! (Looking back one treatment wasn’t going to help my hair, it was going to take tonnes of work)  She then straightened with GHD’s , as soon as I got home, my hair started to revert.
So again, back come the hair dryer and the pressing comb.
However I started to use less so by February 2011 my hair was trying to come back , started looking a little more fuller and I was using deep conditioning treatments which I read on an internet site would help your hair. I didn’t know about any other treatments or about the power of oils.
At the hair salon, my hair got chopped, it got cut 3 inches when she said she  would cut 1 inch ,she cut my hair unevenly and my hair was just about neck length. I never had this short hair in my life!
I ran to my best friends house and cried, then I ran home and cried to my mum, then I cried in bed.
There were two options I could do:
1.I could continue my old methods and hope for hair growth OR
2.I could totally change the way I view my hair.
Obviously option two happened,I researched the internet gaining so much information about hair growth.
The next day I went to buy some jojoba oil and then I went on tumblr and started to blog my progress of my hair, which products worked for me, which products didn’t work.
I learnt heat broke my hair off, so I stopped using it so excessively. I use heat once every two months.
I also learnt about protective styling, so I rarely wear my hair out (like I think I almost have a phobia of wearing my hair out) even when I wear my hair out, I make sure I don’t wear woollen jumpers and carry some oil to touch up on my ends.
So basically I have been 9 months into my hair journey, it hasn’t been all great. I have a very lazy nature, so I forget to top up on oils, leading to split ends (not many) and my hair decided to shed more than usual.
Correct me if I am wrong, but most individuals on hair journeys are either relaxed or natural (not pressed).
However I look at both relaxed women methods and natural women methods merging both with the account of the knowledge of my own hair and made my own regimen.
When you make your hair regimen, you need to know YOURSELF and YOUR HAIR!
With myself, I know things like deep conditioning every week, etc by the 4th week I will forget so I make mine simple as possible which suits my hair as it thrives with a dirty scalp (I know its disgusting but it is in the name for long hair)
So enough rambling this is my hair regime:
.Wash hair once every two months
I wash my hair, right before I go to the hair salon. I use natural hair shampoo (look at previous posts to see my hair washing posts) which contains no mean harsh chemicals.
I don’t do it at the hair salon, as I wash my hair in a particular way I learnt of a website which I will share with you guys soon (so watch this space)
.When my hair is wet, I comb through GENTLY with a wide tooth comb and my fingers this is whether I’m detangling or just jumped out the shower.
.The day before hair salon I do a protein treatment and a deep condition. Just makes me feel more at ease when I see the hair stylish killing my hair with heat.
.Scalp massages
Stimulated hair to grow, it depends whenever I remember to do it, I’m not consistent. 

 Current hair progess on on 24th October 2011

I’m a bonefied collar bone length, soon arm pit length. Woo Woo! :D

Need to make sure I reach an inch by December.

Watch this space for updates


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